Our Story


Hello!  I’m Angela, proud mother, lover of all things silk, and passionate Founder of Winssy.  I first discovered the magic of mulberry silk when my sweet daughter was struggling to sleep.  Her precious skin was sensitive to the traditional fabrics used for bedding, keeping her awake and uncomfortable.  After trying a variety of solutions, I decided to swaddle her in luxurious, fine silks.  Imagine my relief when she instantly fell into a restful slumber!  After consistently experiencing these results and thoroughly enjoying the material myself, I knew I had to share this blessing with the world.  That’s when I launched Winssy.

My hope for this brand is to help you unlock the ancient therapeutic benefits of mulberry silk.  Settling for nothing less than perfect, I’ve spent years researching and experimenting to achieve the ultimate in shine, thickness, softness, and durability.  I’m proud to bring you the highest quality silks to revitalize your hair and skin while indulging your senses – because that’s what you deserve!