About Us


Winssy is the internet’s best-kept secret for exquisite mulberry silk products that support your beauty, health, and wellness.  This plush fabric has been treasured for millennia, particularly by royalty.  It was first discovered, harvested, and crafted in China nearly 6,000 years ago, where it continues to be produced today.

We design our own products in CA and have secured a skillful and loyal manufacturer to produce them according to our specifications and details in China by the year of 2020.  Now Winssy’s offerings are available online only so people everywhere can enjoy them.  We envision our brand becoming an icon of lifestyle history, bringing you the world’s best silk items for decades to come.

Our sleek hair scrunchies protect your gorgeous locks from breakage, tangles, and frizz, as do our buttery, soft pillowcases, which also offer soothing and anti-aging benefits for your skin.  These breathable natural fibers are how our luxurious sleep masks keep the light out and the moisture in for the delicate skin around your eyes.  Winssy uses only 100% authentic, 6A 22 momme mulberry silk and exclusively relies on a unique coloring process that renders this luxurious material softer and smoother than most other silks.  In other words, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and alive than ever before!