About Us

What happens when sleep is closely linked to the quality of our lives, which is why we are so passionate about finding ways to increase the quality of our sleep to prevent aging, health problems. 

A pure silk pillowcase is the pursuit of an exquisite beauty lifestyle. Over years of research and refining experiments, Winssy™ has managed to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability of silk fabric.

Winssy is a gift from the brand founder Angela to her daughter Krissy. She sincerely hopes to pass on the benefits of silk to everyone who cares about health and beauty.

Winssy is the best kept secret of super models, hair stylists, beauty experts and dermatologists around the world. It is a completely natural and hypoallergenic silk pillow case designed by our team of experts that does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep!