What are the benefits of mulberry silk?

 benefits of mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is a continuous long fiber that is coagulated by the secretion of silk when the cocoon is formed. It is a natural animal protein fiber. Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. Mulberry silk is smooth, soft, and shiny. It is the most important raw material for silk weaving. 

What are the benefits of mulberry silk?

 As the mulberry silk is not polluted during the production process from mulberry sericulture to silk reeling, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are highly nutritious to the human body, and has a variety of health effects. It is unmatched by any cotton fabrics and artificial synthetic fibers. Known as the "Fiber Queen" and "Human Second Skin", it is therefore the world's most respected green product. 


Mulberry silk is a pure natural raw material with high count, luster and soft hand feeling, suitable for manufacturing high-grade fabrics. From the ancient silk garments that can only be worn by high-ranking officials and nobles, it can be seen that the status of silk and the noble character are high. Mulberry silk is becoming more and more popular because of its unique characteristics. The most important thing is comfort. Silk is composed of protein fibers and has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. Coupled with its smooth surface, the frictional stimulation coefficient to humans is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%.

Hygroscopicity and breathability

Mulberry silk is solidified by the liquid spit out by silkworms. It is a natural protein molecular compound and is rich in many hydrophilic groups. Because of its porosity, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, so it can absorb water or emit water in the air. Moisture, and maintain a certain amount of moisture, not only has good moisture absorption, but also good air permeability.

The so-called hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity means that under normal temperature, it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture, so that the skin will not be too dry. In a humid environment, the dry silk can absorb moisture and absorb the sweat and metabolites discharged by the human body. It takes away the heat of the human body, keeps the skin clean, and prevents bacteria from breeding on the human skin; and in a dry environment, the silk that has absorbed sweat can release moisture, wick away perspiration, and is breathable, so the clothing of mulberry silk is dry. It is smooth, comfortable and cool, and it also helps prevent skin diseases such as eczema and itching.

Skin care effect

The composition of mulberry silk is more complex. It is a protein fiber that contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. Clothes made of silk touch the skin and can increase the vitality of cells. It can also prevent blood vessel hardening, anti-aging functions, and help the skin maintain the surface. Lipid membrane metabolism can keep the skin moisturized and smooth. Many women like to wear mulberry silk pajamas, and they like to use silk pillowcases for sleep, which are very helpful to the health and beauty of the human body. Mulberry silk also has a good auxiliary treatment effect on skin wounds and eczema bedsores. Wrapped wounds with mulberry silk fabric can absorb water and promote evaporation, keep the wound clean and speed up wound healing.

Anti-ultraviolet effect

Mulberry silk will turn yellow when exposed to the sun because it absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin. The amino acids and tyrosine in the silk protein of mulberry silk can absorb ultraviolet rays. Therefore, silk clothing can prevent ultraviolet rays and avoid direct damage to human skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Mulberry silk clothing and bedding are also flame-retardant, and it is not easy to burn the skin in case of fire. Its porous fiber gap can also prevent harmful gases from attacking the human body.

Promote sleep

The sericin component of mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids. These amino acids emit a tiny molecule called "sleep factor", which can make people's nerves in a more stable state, thereby promoting the quality of sleep. When the cold current hits, it can exert strong cold resistance and warmth retention; when the weather is warm, it is as light and comfortable as a cool quilt. It also has comfort and no load on the cardiovascular system. Because mulberry silk has good warmth retention properties, there is no need to cover many beds like other quilts in winter, which prevents the heart and blood vessels from being subjected to excessive load and pressure during sleep, making you sleep more comfortable, sweeter and healthier.

How to clean and maintain mulberry silk products

The mulberry silk fabric can be ironed, but you must pay attention to the method and the temperature should not be too high (see the label for details), otherwise it is easy to wrinkle. When ironing, let it face up to avoid water stains. It is best not to iron frequently. If the wrinkles are not severe, you can spray water on the wrinkles, hang it and let it air dry, it will look smooth again.

If the products are made of 100% mulberry silk, do not iron, because the mulberry silk has poor alkali resistance, and if the temperature of the iron is too high, this will not only fail to remove wrinkles, but also make the fabric more wrinkled. Under normal circumstances, if the mulberry silk clothes have wrinkles, they will be eliminated after they are naturally dried as long as they are washed with water. There is no need to iron them, which will affect the fabric of the clothes.

The cleaning time of mulberry silk is not too long. The most important thing is that it cannot be washed in the washing machine. It is easy to wrinkle. Just rub it gently with your hands. In addition, do not use washing powder and other cleaning methods. The detergent and washing powder used are acidic, which will destroy the protein of mulberry silk, which will make the products hard and yellow.

 Also, after washing the mulberry silk, do not wring it dry by hand, just place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure. In addition, do not use steam to iron the mulberry silk, as this will damage the silk of the mulberry silk.

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