Silk Pillowcases: Fad or the future?

Silk Pillowcases

We have witnessed the recent explosion of bloggers and beauty gurus bringing us along as they are making the switch from the cotton pillowcase to the silk pillowcase, but is this just a passing fad, or is it the way forward? If you are anything like me, you may have scoffed at the thought of investing in a “fancy” pillowcase, but the truth is, they are totally worth it and could actually save you both money and time. 

Silk pillowcases have many reported benefits. The pillowcases are being praised as a type of passive hair & skincare routine that takes minimal time and effort and produces maximum results. So, what are the real benefits of switching to silk? 


Your skin will thank you for it! Silk is soft and smooth, unlike your usual cotton, flannel, or linen pillowcases. The soft silk material causes less friction which also means you are less likely to wake up with creases in your face which can contribute to premature aging. The cool fabric will soothe any uncomfortable skin irritations including acne, since the material is less absorbent than a traditional pillowcase it also facilitates the retention of moisture and hydration in your skin. Last but certainly not least, a great night’s sleep with your new pillowcase will reduce the dark circles around the eyes to make your skin look younger and healthier than ever. 


Your hair won’t know what hit it. It is no secret that women from all over the world, especially women of colour, have been wrapping their hair in silk scarves and bonnets for centuries. The technique is often used to give an extra level of protection to the hair and also to preserve hairstyles for longer. It is a tried and trusted method of hair care that everyone can benefit from. When you use a silk pillowcase your hair is protected and free of abrasion, tugging and breakages so it is likely to grow longer faster, be healthier, have less frizz, and just flow more seamlessly, giving you more manageable hair that you will need to spend less time and money on! These boujie pillowcases are not just for adults, they could also rescue parents who are suffering through tangly bed-headed toddler tears every morning. 


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic so is great for people who are sensitive to dust or have allergies and generally better for you even if you do not suffer from allergies. Silk is also a less hospitable environment for dust mites and other nasties that can be found in our beds. The cooling components of the material facilitate a quick, comfortable and deep sleep and we all know that a good night's sleep has countless benefits for our overall physical and mental health. 

Most of us are investing hundreds and even thousands of dollars/euros/pounds each year into our haircare and skincare routines, whether it is money spent on products or in salons. A silk pillowcase is an investment that will result in you spending less money and time on your hair and skin treatments, all while seamlessly keeping up with your skin and hair care routines.

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