Are Silk Scrunchies Good for Your Hair?

Winssy silk scrunchies
Traditional elastic ponytail holders -- as well as cotton scrunchies -- tear and tug in your hair. Placing them wearing and eliminating them may be damaging and even debilitating. Our Mulberry silk scrunchies are a fantastic alternative that will give you fewer snags, decreased pulling, and nominal scratches. Leave no kinks or creases, which makes your hairdo impeccable at all times. Understanding silk's protective attributes might help clarify why a scrunchie created from pure mulberry silk is perfect to become your hair accessory. Consider waking up with a mind full of tangles; in the majority of instances, a bad case of bed head could be blamed on damage due to your cotton pillowcase. Cotton fibers may tug and pull in your hair when you sleep, leaving you hair breakage, knots, and split ends. It is worse if you've got delicate, coarse, or curly hair, which can be very prone to this form of harm. By comparison, your hair slips across the face of a silk pillowcase, almost friction-free. There is no pulling, tugging, or tearing at fragile hair. Completely harmless for your hair: it will always stay shiny and elastic to avoid the lack of split ends.

In reality, lots of hair lotions and salon treatments are created out of silk, called sericin. The moisture-retaining attributes of lace cloth make it a superb alternative for pillowcases and hair accessories equally! Whether you've got long or short hair; fine or thick hair or straight or curled hair, then replacing your elastic hair follicles using a pair of lace scrunchies is an excellent idea. Your ponytail will appear and feel fantastic! More than just preventing baldness, a silk scrunchie great for the hair! When we discuss silk pillowcases we clarify that bedding produced from different substances --notably cotton--may be drying to skin and hair. Cotton is a plant-based substance and famous for being sterile; sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can act as reverse osmosis to your hair. This drying increases the odds of issues like broken ends and breakage.

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