Winssy Silk Sleep Eyemask, White
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Winssy Silk Sleep Eyemask, White
Winssy Silk Sleep Eyemask, White
Winssy Silk Sleep Eyemask, White
Silk Sleep Mask White - Winssy

Silk Sleep Mask White

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Sleeping in complete darkness has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety and increase relaxation. Our sleep mask feels soft and smooth against your skin around your eyes and has a good effect in blocking out the light, help you fall asleep quicker, and improve your sleep quality.

  • Eyemask secrets to those having trouble falling asleep, sick, staying in an unfamiliar place, or napping during the day.
  • Our eye mask is made of 100% top-quality 22momme natural mulberry silk on BOTH sides. It can be beneficial for protecting the delicate area around the eyes.
  • Gentle, with a soft comfortable elastic band wrapped with silk that stretches around your head to keep it on, designed to fit all people and side-sleepers.
  •  Ideal for dry-eye sufferers, as the breathable, natural fibers of mulberry silk allow healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out.
  •  A unique gift for anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Material: Grade 6A 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.
  • Filling: Pure silk filler and internal liner
  • Color: White
  • Size: 8.26” X 3.9”
  • Package: Gift box

    • A study published in Critical Care found that patients in simulated ICU units who wore earplugs and eye masks got more REM sleep and had elevated melatonin levels. So it's no joke that this small, tiny change can have an impact on how we sleep. "Light is one of the primary things we can control to minimize sleep disruption," says Brantner.
    • Even if you don't notice major changes in your sleep habits right away, Alex Dimitriu, M.D., sleep medicine and psychiatry expert, says you may enjoy the mask anyway. "There's something also very soothing about having a soft mask over the eyes, [and it] can have a calming effect for some," he adds.
    • So yes, with all these sleep mask benefits at your disposal, you should embrace the glamour. Your body will thank you for it.