Why Silk Pillowcases as Mother’s Day Gifts ?

Why Silk Pillowcases as Mother’s Day Gifts ?


 Every Mother's Day, children of all ages frantically search for the perfect gift. Though fully aware that our mothers have received more perfumes, lotions, and slippers than they could use in a lifetime, more often than not, this is where we settle. Why? Because they cater to her worthiness of pampering.

 While we intend to display gratitude, there is something special lost in the mundane familiarity with these choices. Not that she will ever say this - she will appreciate these gifts with the same enthusiasm she has every year. Still, maybe it is time to retire these go-to options and get her something she can genuinely savor, like a pillowcase made from silk.


The name itself glides just as smoothly off the tongue as its texture beneath the hands. If merely speaking the word ignites feelings of luxury, imagine the splendor of actually laying your head on a pillow covered with silk. It's a fabric synonymous with royalty and pampering, as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch. One glimpse of the silk pillowcase beneath the wrapping will have your mom opening her gift with the delight of a toddler on Christmas morning. Especially if you have gone with a set of Winssy silk pillowcases. These masterpieces, comprised of 22-momme, 6A grade fibers, are made entirely of pure Mulberry silk to deliver a product of the highest quality.


As you soak in the love and adoration you are bound to receive in return, do not forget to mention the many benefits her new pillowcases bring.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

How do reduced wrinkles and healthier hair sound for a start? Silk is impermeable and contains the protein sericin, which goes a long way in keeping skin and hair hydrated, as well as regulating body temperature. Winssy silk pillowcases offer 43% less friction, so your mom can move around without worrying about frizzy hair, dry skin, or sleep lines come morning. All these factors come together to reduce the appearance of aging, so she will look as vibrant as she feels.

 Mulberry silk is also one of the most hypoallergenic fibers available, and its breathable and insulating nature makes it perfect to use in all seasons.

 Another bonus of a non-absorbant fabric is it dries much quicker and is less likely to retain foul odours. It is also very durable, so you can expect this one to last a long time. That is not to say you will not find yourself needing to buy more - once your mom has experienced the luxury that is a silk pillowcase, she will be adding one to her wishlist every year. Not that you will mind - you already know that Winssy has you covered.

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